Gulf Gate East is a quiet community of 393 homeowners located at the 6900 block of Beneva Road.   Life in paradise!
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The Board of Directors
Monthly Meetings
Starting January, monthly community meetings are held at 6:30 PM the last Wednesday of each month at the New Gulf Gate Library off of Gulf Gate Dr MAP.  Owners and occupants are urged to attend.



Home Improvement Approval Process
The Gulf Gate East HOA governing documents require written board approval for exterior improvements prior to the start of work with the exception of landscaping.  Work may begin after the below process is complete.

TO BEGIN:  It all starts with a Home Improvement Request to the board. 

RESOURCE:  Below are links to the forms and information from the website www.gulf-gate-east.com . 

REQUIREMENTS:  Each request is to include backing documentation regarding the construction, product and colors information etc.  Items such as walls, hedges, fences, and all structures and enclosures require a survey map illustration showing the placement within the boundaries of the property.  The ByLaws Article Section 11. Building and Use will provide the detail.  When using contractors, they should be able to provide you with most everything you need to submit for approval to the HOA as well as the county for the permits.

  1. Submit your packet to hoaboard@gulf-gate-east.com. 
  2. The color committee will review the packet and most likely contact you. 
  3. Once approved by the committee it moves on to the Board for review and signatures. 
  4. Once approved by the board it is then reported to the official records where we record it and send you the official notice with all authorizing signatures allowing you to proceed. 
  5. No work can begin until the approval process is complete and all signatures are logged into records.  Otherwise the property is in violation and subject to fines.
  6. It is an easy process and doesn’t take too long.

CRITICAL NOTE REGARDING FENCE INSTALLATION:  The Association recommends that you speak with all neighbors that boarder the fence to determine ownership within the survey boundaries, especially if you are replacing an existing fence.   Please note that all boundary disputes are between property owners only.  The HOA’s authorization is only for improvements within the legal boundaries of the property.

As you know, a major concern, over which we have little control, is the condition of the streets, scheduled for resurfacing in fiscal year 2017. Let’s not wait! We can begin road work hopefully, but your help is needed to continue to call, email, and send pictures to our county officials in support of the initiative. The squeaky wheel gets the oil! Send something today to the contacts as follows:
  • Thomas Harmer - County Administrator,
  • Email:  tharmer@scgov.net, Phone: 941-861-5000, Address: 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236.
  • Phucc Hoang - Dept. of Transportation,
  • Email:  phoang@scgov.net, Phone:  941-861-0968, Address:  1001 Sarasota Center Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34240.
Click to download GGE's letter to the county and their response.  2 pages

Home Inspections


Fix-up Clean up
Property Inspection Checklist
Property Inspections
The checklist above is a list of common areas for improvement and can be used to conduct self-inspections to help insure HOA compliance.  A more comprehensive list of deed restrictions are in the bylaws.
For questions regarding the property inspections please write to: inspections@gulf-gate-east.com

Click for Sarasota County Code


The official Gulf Gate East Newsletter contains vital information about the HOA and upcoming events.  It is published to each email address in the official record, 4 times per year (1 per quarter).  To update your official records with an email address please click here to download the Compliance Form.  Email is the most cost effective way for the HOA to communicate.

Printed copies will be mailed to active owners and residents who do not show an email address in their official record.  This method is however costly and time consuming for our volunteer managed HOA.  Getting the newsletter from email is the most cost effective communication.  It's another way to help keep the annual assessment fees to a minimum.

Newsletter Volunteers:
  • Donna and Mark Buckalter - Editors
  • Suzanne Vircik - Print Distribution
Submit photo, articles and questions to email:  newsletter@gulf-gate-east.com

Go to the Newsletter page of this website to download your own copy of current or past newsletters.

For more information about the newsletter contact the HOA Board of Directors at hoaboard@gulf-gate-east.com

The Gulf Gate East Color committee simplified the color charts.  The charts are to be used as a guideline for homeowners who are planning home improvements.  The Home Improvement request form is required as usual in advance of any work.
Click here to download the charts and forms:

Conducting business in our neighborhood
Click to download the GGE Agents packet.
Welcome Agents
The association board put together a document portfolio for all Realtors, Property Managers and Agents who conduct business transactions in Gulf Gate East. The links below contains the HOA submittal forms, instructions and requirements for closing a sale, lease or rental on all properties in GGE.  Click to download a copy of the PDF files:

Help Wanted

* If you have a story of interest regarding Gulf Gate East, you can submit it along with photos to webmaster@gulf-gate-east.com
Please use Contact Us or use the message board to submit ideas that would help make our website better. Thanks for visiting, and come back often!


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